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Learn all about static electricity with this hands-on experiment kit! Build devices like the Van de Graaff generator, and electrostatic motor, a Leyden jar and more that will help develop a deep understanding of electrostatics! Perform 15 different activities that are fun and engaging and will help further your understanding of electrostatics. This kit comes complete with the basic, uncommon materials needed to perform the experiments and build the devices. Included with this kit is a full 40-page book that has step-by-step illustrated instructions that are easy to read and follow. As you begin each experiment, visit Science Wiz's website to find even more content such as videos and animations to further aid your learning. For ages 12 and up. Build 6 different devices to explore charge: A hair raising Van de Graaff Generator Detect charge with an electroscope Store charge in a Leyden jar Transport charge with an electrophorus Ring a Franklin bell Complete 15 Activities, Including: Spew a glitter fountain Make your hair stand on end with electrostatic charge Generate large sparks with an electrostatic generator Spin an electrostatic motor Explore and detect plus and minus charges Propel objects with an electrostatic generator There are household items that are required to complete the activities in this kit.

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