Anger Management Tool Cards

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As a caregiver, it can be challenging to teach children how to deal with strong or overwhelming emotions. These cards can help.

• Help children manage angry feelings in 4 simple steps:
o 1. Calm Your Body
o 2. Calm Your Mind
o 3. Shift Your Focus
o 4. Take a Mini-Break
• Features proven techniques used by childcare specialists and therapists to help children manage their feelings and increase their emotional intelligence.
• Presented in an easy to follow format that children of all ages can grasp.
• Each card has an instruction for the child to follow paired with an illustrated example.
• All prompts can be done independently to allow children to take ownership and control of their own emotions.
• Teaches universal calming methods that can be beneficial throughout both childhood and adulthood
• Ages 4-104
• 100% Screen-Free Fun
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