Baby's First Year - You Are My Sunshine

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The soft and breathable Swaddle cloths from lulujo not only give the baby protection and security when pucking and sleeping, but can be used as a sniffer cloth, spitcloth, light blanket, small sheets or as a breastfeeding cloth. This all special Baby's First Year Edition is also a stylish way to record your baby's developmental steps in the first year of life. This includes a Muslin Swaddle Blanket and 14 maps to photograph the time.

With stylish prints and sweet designs, lulujo's products are an absolute eye-catcher.

Already pre-washed and made of soft double-layered muslin cotton, the Swaddle wipes become even softer with each wash. The generous dimensions of 100 x 100 cm allow a simple pucking. In addition, the loose weave ensures good regulation of body temperature.

Content: 1 Swaddle-Blanket & 14 photo cards
Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm
Material: 100% cotton
Care instructions: washable at 40°, dry only at low temperature in the dryer, do not iron, if necessary only bleach with oxygen
Attention! This product is not a toy, do not store within reach of the child.

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