PortoVino Party Pouch Set - 1.5L Capacity

Article number: PortoVino Party Pouch Set - 1.5L Capacity
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The Party pouch is a very durable and resilient pouch. These replacement bladders are BPA free, FDA approved and are made from the same material used in boxed wines.  Although we do recommend changing after each use (per our attorneys ... you know how it is) you can reuse it at your own risk, but please clean thoroughly.  Improper cleaning may lead to bacterial growth and that is no way to enjoy your hidden wine purse.  The included pouch will hold 1.5L or two full bottles of wine!

This set of pouches will work in any of our single-pour PortoVinos!

This perforated seal acts as a closed container.  Always be sure to check open container laws in your area as we cannot be held liable for problems that arise from improper use of the Party Pouch.  Please use and drink responsibly!

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