Scented Playdough Rainbow 6-Pack w/Fruit Scents (2.5 ounce)

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The Rainbow 6-pack with Fruit Scents is our best seller. Your little ones will love playing with all the colors of the rainbow and the smells of the produce aisle!

Red = Cherry

Orange = Orange

Yellow = Banana

Green = Green Apple

Blue = Blueberry

Purple = Grape

* All-natural, non-toxic and color-safe ingredients.

* Come in airtight containers and lasts well over a year. 

* FYI - a typical 'Play-Doh' can is 3 ounces.

* Dough is much easier to work with, doesn't crumble or make a mess and takes longer to harden if left out.

* The scented dough helps with sensory stimulation, linked to emotional, cognitive and physical development.

* Contains gluten and fragrance oils.

* Comes with Dough Care instructions.

Made in USA

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