STEM Build Your Own Robot Kit (238 Pcs) Robotryx Zakarpian

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Keeping the Peace and the Baddies at bay! Set out for an adventure of imagination and creativity with a perfect present for boys and girls ages 6 through 11. Zakarpian is the enforcer of the Guardians, assemble him to one of his three different toy forms (Robot, Scorpion or Excavator) to complete the mission!

With easy to use building mini bricks and blocks plus decorating stickers, kids can unleash their imagination and design Zakarpian so he can hold off against any force! Easy to disassemble and reconstruct, Zakarpian also comes with a sturdy plastic storage box so you can store with ease and take him on the go wherever the enemies of the Robotryx may be!

Collect all of the Robotryx Guardians and combine them to form Garantron, the ultimate mech-titan!

What's included:

1 Sturdy Plastic Storage Box

238 Building Bricks

1 Child-Friendly Instruction Booklet

1 Brick Separator Tool

1 Set of Decorating Stickers

Made with Non-Toxic Plastic and BPA Free

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