Treasure Hunt #6

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The Billie B Mysteries take Billie into a new genre… MYSTERY!

Billie B Brown and her friends; Jack, Mika and Alex, all of them now a few years older decide to start up a Secret Mystery Club and scour the neighborhood looking for mysteries to uncover

In Treasure Hunt, Billie and the Secret Mystery Club have been given an important mystery to solve for the principal of the school. A long time ago, a time capsule was hidden in the school, and now it's up to the SMC to find it!

The Billie B Mysteries ask the reader to join Billie as she discovers a problem or mystery and fixes or solves it! Billie uses her smarts, her friends and her commonsense to get to the bottom of things.

The Billie B Mysteries are a little longer, with a higher reading level, than regular Billie B Brown books, and Billie is slightly older. This caters for precocious Billie fans, older fans of the series and new readers, who might not have discovered the world of Billie B. Brown.

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