Scarves of Westwood

Our scarves are original designs that are created by two sisters Nan & Susie. We pride ourselves in handmaking each scarf individually and the fact that no two are the same make each one very unique. All our scarf yarn does not have any wool, for those who are allergic. Our scarfs are made totally in the USA and we try to use materials that are made in the USA as well.
Just out for Fall 2012 - we are proud to say that they are "Made In America" by two sisters who live in Michigan!

Handmade scarves that are whimsical and unique. Our scarves are made with many different types of yarns, ribbon, textures and beads, with just the right amount of bling!! No two scarves are alike, you will never see the exact same scarf on anyone but you. Our scarves can be worn many different ways just by the way they are tied, and they compliment any outfit.